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In our basement at Helio GT30 we have a wellness/idea studio. In other words, a gym. From early morning until late evening members come here to sweat, relax, and to mold ideas. Some of them do it solo, a lot of members do it together, or under the wings of our wellness guru Michael Glover. Michael has been with us since opening day at Helio GT30 and is, in many ways, part of the DNA of the house. We wanted to take a chat with this well dressed, kind-hearted and mindful personal trainer who has wellness as a major part of his life, along with pastries and luxurious breakfasts. 

Michael Glover, how on earth did you end up in Sweden?

I believe the term is “love refugee”. I was living in Milan many years ago and met a Swedish girl. She followed me back to the U.S. before we moved here to Stockholm. Our relationship didn’t work out, but I loved Stockholm and decided to stay to make a life for myself. Now I’m married to the most amazing woman, have a newborn son, and love the life I’ve created here!

Has it always been your dream to work with fitness and health? 

Becoming an astronaut was my biggest dream, but my eyesight hasn’t always been the best. So that did not really work out. Fitness though, has always been a major part of my life. From playing basketball and other sports competitively throughout my life, I’ve always had the need to stay in shape.

What paths did you take to eventually end up doing it? 

I began in college studying pre-med to become a doctor, but I decided to switch my studies to focus more on fitness and wellness. I saw a great opportunity in trying to help people more on the preventive side – as opposed to the doctor focusing more on after disease and ailments affecting the body and mind. By also working over the years in many other industries such as finance, real estate, investment management, fashion, and other lifestyle sectors; I’ve been able to put all of those experiences. I’ve developed a wellness philosophy that helps me relate to all my clients activities and stress that affect their overall well-being.

Every Wednesday you host a members class that is widely appreciated, how is the diversity experience-wise amongst the members that usually attend the training? 

They have different fitness and wellness levels, it’s a class for everyone!

How many creative ideas would you guess have been moulded, while members are training in our gym? 

Too many to count! You can really come up with some great ideas while working out, using your body and relaxing your mind, but also when interacting with the environment and with others. Ideas pop like fireworks down there!

We all know about the importance of exercise of the body, to be able to nourish the brain. We also know that we often tend to prioritise other things than actually hitting the gym. In your opinion, how much should we be activating our bodies every week in order to live a healthy life, and have a clear mind? 

I’m a firm believer in activating the body and mind daily. I’m not saying go to the gym or do something strenuous every day. Just find some time to move around for a bit, and find some down time for the mind to clear it from all the stresses and strains of work and other daily activities that we encounter. Wellness has many aspects. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, fuel our body with food, and practicing strength and endurance.

You lay a great deal of effort in focusing your lessons with quality movements, rather than quantity. It feels like a smart way of doing exercise. Tell us more about your philosophy! 

I developed my “rebirth” wellness lifestyle philosophy early on in my life. I’ve always been a big believer in working efficiently and effectively. We apply this way of thinking at work, but why is it so hard to apply it in the gym during our training? Practice doesn’t make perfect, but “perfect” practice, makes perfect. Does it make more sense to do one perfect, quality push-up that improves your fitness level and benefits you more – or do ten push-ups that aren’t  good? Place a paper cup under your chest and try it! Almost everyone can do one perfect push-up. But ten in a row?

You’ve had a bunch of outdoor workout classes together with our members. Tell us about the previous classes.

Many of the outside classes have been with companies from Helio GT30. The classes have been a great way for team building and a way to provide a great escape from the stresses of our jobs. Being able to use the outside gym and the great outside courtyard area to train when the weather is nice, is another huge asset that we have at GT30!

Will you have a new class this fall? 

I’m working to have a rebirth bootcamps outside at GT30 or in Humlegården. There are also plans for a running club, and I’m working on even more fitness and wellness offerings for our members. Feedback from members and all suggestions are welcomed to help make our wellness here better.

Do you have any tips on what exercises we can do in or around our work space the occasions when we just can ́t find the time to hit the gym? 

Stand up, move around, and stretch a little. Just pretend that you are on a long plane flight. What would you do? People sit and work for too long and just don’t move. The body is meant to move not sit still. The older generations moved more during their working years. They’re in much better shape than younger generations will be when they grow older.

The Helio staff had a great breakthrough in our training when we realized there are actually both fishing and dart games on the machines at Helio GT30! So tell us, what’s your high score? 

Whatever the machine says is the highest. Just kidding, you will just have to come down and challenge me to get to know!

We tend to often see you on our community fika on Fridays nibbling away on both cakes and cinnamon buns. In all honesty, what is your take on the very Swedish tradition of fika?

I love fika! Taking time to break from the daily stresses of life is important, and it is so nice to meet new people or just share conversations with friends or family. The “fika treats” are just an added benefit.

How much can we treat ourselves without feeling guilty? 

You should never feel guilty! You get one life, live it to the fullest. Don’t always choose the best choice, and don’t always choose the worst choice. Life is about balance! Just try to have a higher percentage of better choices, and you’ll be fine.

Finally, what is your favourite pastry? 

Pain au Chocolat. Please keep them away from me!

Thank you Michael, we just can’t promise that!

If you want to book a consultation, a PT hour or send Michael any thoughts and wishes regarding training just email him at michael@rebirthfitness.com

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