Welcome to Helio Talk with Alexia Rahm & Anna Vogel from the popular podcast Creativity with Vogel & Rahm.

Do you want to access more of your own creativity at work? Or as a manager, do you want to harness the creativity of your employees?

In a world where many routine tasks are automated, the creativity of employees becomes an even more important asset for companies. This lecture is an invaluable opportunity to understand how to cultivate a culture where safety and creativity go hand in hand.

In one hour, you will get both inspiration and concrete tools to help you welcome ideas, celebrate mistakes and challenge your own self-image. Maybe you are more creative than you think?

Alexia and Anna run the podcast Creativity with Vogel & Rahm where they talk about creativity, entrepreneurship and life. In the podcast they meet actors, musicians, writers and comedians, as well as other guests who are in some way related to creativity.

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