Memberships & Coworking

How does coworking at Helio work?

You become a member at one of our locations. A membership includes work space, WiFi, coffee, service from our community managers and plenty of events and networking opportunities with thousands of our other members.

What is the membership notice period?

If you have a Flex, Fix or Studio membership, the notice period is 90 days. 

How does it work with phone calls?

There are phone rooms you can use in all our locations. If you speak on the phone several hours a day, we recommend a Studio membership in order not to disturb the other members.

How do I become a member?

The best way is to send an email to and mentioning which membership type you are interested in and which location. At the bottom of the page you can also find an online chat and our phone number.

How do I pay for my membership?

You pay by invoice in advance.

Who are the other members at Helio?

At Helio we love diversity, and believe that the best ideas are created when we collide people, industries and ideas. Our community includes angel investors, lawyers, filmmakers and entrepreneurs. Everyone values an open climate and the belief in working together. Our members vary by district – Hötorget has more tech companies and investors, while Hornstull has more creatives and communication specialists. You can read interviews with some of our members here.

Do I have to go to membership events?

No, attendance is of course optional. We do believe, however, that Helio works best for those who believe in cooperation and openness, and that you get the most out of your membership that way.

What is included in a membership?

Most of our services are included in a membership, but to see the complete list click on each membership on this site and read more.

Can I use several of your locations?

You pick one of our locations as a base, but you can also visit our other locations. Contact your community manager to get a day pass to another location.

Can I leave my laptop when I go out for lunch?

We have control of everyone moving in and out of our locations, but we still encourage you to not leave valuables in our open spaces to be on the safe side. We recommend you to never work 100% on your local hard drive in case you lose your laptop.

Can I have visitors over?

Of course. We will welcome your visitors with coffee and send you a message in the app that they are waiting. For meetings, you can easily book a room in the app.

Are there showers, gym, sauna etc?

At most of our locations, there are possibilities to change, shower and even rent a locker. To view the list on what the different locations offer, click here.

Can I bring my lunch box?

Of course, lunch boxes are good for the planet and your wallet. You can also heat your food. Please be aware that each Friday we clean the fridge from food, so take any leftovers home with you. Bon Appetit!

Can I rent extra storage?

You can rent storage for both large and small things. You can leave your computer overnight or store a couple of boxes for a longer period of time.

Can I bring a framed photo of my dog / my 50'' screen / my yoda action figure?

Of course you can – if you have a Fix or Studio membership.

Do I always have access to the office?

Yes, you have your own alarm code and keyfob and can always get in to the office.

How do I print?

All our locations have high-quality laser printers. We will charge per copy that will be added to your monthly bill.

How do I book meeting rooms?

Our app is available for both iOS and Android. The easiest way is to have your community manager help you set everything up when you first move in. The app will help you keep up with news, you can chat with your community manager and book meeting rooms.

Can I bring my dog to work?

Of course, we love dogs at the office! You can bring your dog as long as it’s well-behaved among other people. (Valid for all locations except for Hötorget)

Can I buy day passes at Helio?

At Helio, we don’t sell day passes.  We do this to create a strong community where all members know each other. We also aim to establish a sense of security so that you recognize all the other members, and there aren’t new faces in our lounges every day. If you’re curious about becoming a member, we would be more than happy to arrange a tour and for you to try working a day at Helio.

Conferences & Meetings

Can I book a conference room at Helio without being a member?

Of course! We have more than 60 meeting rooms and event spaces that you can rent per hour, for a day or week. You don’t need to be a member to rent a room.

Can I come for a tour of one location?

Yes, we’re proud of our spaces and would love to show you around! Ping us at

What's your cancellation policy for meeting rooms?

You can cancel the meeting up to 4 weeks before the booking without cost. After that a fee applies to cancellations.

We'll probably need lunch/drinks/coffee too, can you arrange that?

Yes, we work with some of Stockholm’s most talented bakers and chefs and can arrange everything from freshly baked croissants, smoothies to lunch or dinner menus.


Can I host an event at Helio?

Of course you can! We’ve done hundreds of events, launch parties, fashion shows and BBQ parties at our locations. Say hello at and let’s start planning.

Can we bring our own food or alcohol to your event spaces?

No, all our locations have liquor permits and you can not bring your own alcohol. It’s the Swedish law. If a supplier wishes to sponsor to your event – get in touch and we’ll see how we can sort it out.

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