We want to tell you about a new podcast that was recently released by two of our members at Helio and quickly entered the Spotify and Podcasters top lists. We sat down with Barakat and Vandad to talk about podcasting and emotions.

What are no words for emotions?
No Words for Emotions is a conversation podcast that explores masculinity, emotions, relationships and the world around us. The kind of conversations you have when no one else is listening. We talk openly and vulnerably about breakups, depression and difficult emotions that we experience.

Why did you start the podcast?
We both went through difficult things last year and first chose the safety of silence. It worked like that. Eventually we started talking to each other and found comfort and strength in that. 10,000 hours later, it became a podcast. And in the process, we also deepened our friendship and added more layers to it.

Why is a podcast needed??

We ourselves had no words for the feelings we were experiencing. Feelings like sadness and shame. When you don’t talk about difficult things with others, you become very lonely. We see that many people, especially men, around us struggle to get in touch with their feelings and name their experiences. This makes life more difficult. When you dare to stay even in difficult emotions, life becomes richer and more meaningful.

Who created the podcast?

Barakat Ghebrehawariat: I’m a political scientist who works as a trainer and lecturer on issues of racism, discrimination and diversity. I am also the author of the book “Får man säga svart?” which was published by Natur & Kultur last year.

Vandad Assadi: I am a psychologist with many years of experience in child and adolescent psychiatry. I am also the co-founder of the national organization Löparakademin. We work with issues related to equal health and inclusion for children and young people in socio-economically vulnerable areas around Sweden.

Where can you be found at the Helio facility?

We both mostly sit at Helio Rymden in Slussen. It is a bright and wonderful place for meetings and creative work. We are also very fond of Helio Sundbyberg <3

The podcast can be found here: Spotifyopen.spotify.com/show/1AsL7QCXfbXDanZi3B97ve?si=87yuZ4Y9SQeceVbMjoYe7gPodcasterpodcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/inga-ord-f%25C3%25B6r-k%25C3%25A4nslor/id1739126509

Instagram: @ingaordpodden

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