During a morning lecture and workshop, you will hear two of the country’s top lecturers, Monika Björn and Göran Adlén, share their insights. They will discuss the importance of strength training, sleep, diet, hormones, recovery and, not least, social relations, using concrete tools, their own experiences and studies.It is well documented that healthy and fit employees not only perform better but also feel more joy and have more fun at work. Yet this can be difficult to achieve. After this morning, you will no longer just wonder; you will know. You will understand that change is possible, regardless of age, gender or stage of life. You will have an insight into how to create energy and positive change in your life. In short, you will learn how to build resilience and achieve a better life. Both in the workplace and privately.

Monika Björn
Monika is an author, lecturer and trainer who has been involved in exercise, yoga and health for over 25 years. She has published three successful books with Norstedts, the latest of which, “Stark 50+: hormoner, sömn, kost & trening”, was nominated for “Årets Faktabok” 2021. With a background in sports science and psychology from the University of Gothenburg, Monika has become one of Sweden’s leading voices in women’s health, hormones and menopause. She has become a highly sought-after lecturer and trainer with a client list that includes big names such as IKEA, Volvo and Tetra Pak. More than 20,000 people have attended Monika’s health lectures since 2018.

Göran Adlén
Göran, better known as @trendspanaren, is a prominent expert on futurology in Sweden. He has published eight books, with his debut being recognized as Leadership Book of the Year, and has produced nineteen trend reports, with the twentieth on the way. As a trained economist with experience from the advertising industry and as a lecturer at IHM and Berghs, Göran has conducted over four thousand lectures in Sweden and Norway. He has received several speaking awards, including the Narrenpriset, and has been named Lecturer of the Year. In recent years, Göran has also become involved in health and fitness, an effort that led to him receiving the Golden Heart Award as Role Model of the Year in the fitness industry in 2023.

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