Throughout April, we have, alongside Abundo and Profile Agency, produced a six-part lecture series – exclusively for Abundo and Helio members! Last in the series is the memorable memory master Jonas Von Essen. We confronted him with five quick questions in order to get some understanding of what we will learn or remember, from tomorrow’s lecture. 

Hello Jonas, here are five quick questions for you! 

HOW do you go about remembering the first 50 000 decimals in Pi?! 

You have to get accustomed to memory techniques in order to fully understand how it’s done, but to simplify it; you imagine yourself taking a long walk full of crazy images through Skövde for example!

Is it really possible to go from being confused and forgetful to a master at memorization? 

Yes! I do admittedly still feel pretty confused a lot of the time, but no matter how bad your memory is, you can definitely improve it significantly with the right techniques!

Do you ever forget anything? 

Yes, the other day I forgot my bag on the train for the sixth time. But more important things, like Pi-decimals and TP-questions, are things I keep good track of.

Is it possible to be selective about the things that you want to remember?

Kind of. It can be hard to put aside something that is extremely memorable, but aside from that you usually have a pretty good grip on the things you want and don’t want to remember when you use memory techniques.

When it comes to memory training, does everyone have the same prerequisites? 

Everyone has a brain and that is the minimum requirement. The techniques are adjusted to how a human brain works, so these techniques will work for everyone. Not everyone can become a world champion, but everyone can definitely become memory geniuses!

Thank you, Jonas! We SO look forward to getting a somewhat better memory during your lecture tomorrow

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