During Stockholm Design Week, you can visit Creative Office, a Pop-Up Co-Working Space AND an Art Exhibition at Helio GT30, designed to explore how creativity can give us more fun, innovation and focus at work. I exist only 6th-10th of February. Come check out the art, or bring your laptop and stay the whole day!

Grand Opening 5pm Feb 5th. Open every day: 09:00-19:00 | Saturday 10:00-17:00

We have daily activities, with everything from creativity and dance to get-shit-done workshop and teal management talks.

This is the creative office. We’re aiming for the feeling “Living at work” rather than “work for living”. A clean, warm environment to thrive in.

We are an art gallery. CoCreatives is a community of great artist, and during this week we will show o our art.

We have several events each day, co-created by the community of artist and workshop hosts. Here’s a short list of what’s happening during the week:

* Teal Management * VR-painting
* Silent Disco
* Flow Painting

* The Wim Hof Method (Breathing Meditation) * Burning Man and Participatory Culture
* and more.

*** Brought to you by COCREATIVES ***
CoCreatives focus on building creative environments. We think that the perfect o ce has a balance between productivity, creativity and play. At CoCreatives, we are a great team of interior designers, artists, inspirators and entrepreneurs. We take a continuous responsibility to deliver a vibrant creative atmosphere to your o ce and your coworkers.

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