When: 21 March, 17.00

Where: Helio Kista

For who: Members of Helio

Register to: martin.tallvid@helioworks.se

In collaboration with Kista Business Network, we invite you to come and listen to Anne Håkansson, who has more than 24 years of research experience from AI for Cyber-Physical Systems, Infrastructure and Reasoning and experiments on combining human minds in AI system ( AIC-system).

In recent years, much progress has been made in artificial intelligence (AI) and more advanced techniques have been developed. This enables implementation of AI in various sectors and lead to the development of activities and smart communities. But how should we look at AI- is it something beneficial or a threat? What is the meaning of AI for the society and industries, and what problems can it cause? What happens in 2020?

In this lecture, Anne gives us her view of AI, strengths, potential pitfalls and areas of application. This lecture will be of interest to you both if this area is completely new for you but also if you already are familiar with parts of it.

Within the speed-networking there are great opportunities to expand ones own network with new contacts, collaborations and partners. It is exciting to follow all the contacts that are tied and experiences exchanged and see how collaborations and business arises between members of the network.


Anne Håkansson, Associate Professor and lecturer at the school of ICT, KTH  and she has more than 24 years of experience in research within several different areas of AI. Anne has applied AI techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems, Infrastructure and Reasoning, and has worked on combining human minds in the AI-system (AIC-system).

Petra Dalunde, COO of Kista Science City AB project and test platform Urban ICT Arena, will also join us and give us an update on what has happened over the past year and how the project is progressing.


17.00 Drop-In with free networking and Helio offers some food & drinks
17.30 KBN greets everyone welcome
17.40 Petra Dalunde, Project Urban ICT Arena, Kista Science City AB
17.55 Lecture – AI with Anne håkansson, KTH
18.40 The mentimeter question of the day to the network
18.45 Speed-Networking, networking in an organized form with the possibility to get several new contacts
19.45 Voluntarily networking, for those who want to talk a little bit more

Why should you attend and what is a business network?
The business network aims at bringing together all small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in the ICT area of Kista, start-up as well as more established actors, into a community for companies and entrepreneurs to develop their business. Do you run your own business in Kista, or are you employed and looking for the opportunity to meet and network with other companies from different sectors, share your thoughts, ideas and find ways to new business opportunities? If yes you are more than welcome to join as a member of this community! We strive to be an active part of Kista’s ecosystem and include partners of Kista Science City AB and EIT Digital. The network now has over 300 members who gathers around monthly networking events and workshops where between 40 and 60 people from various companies in Kista are present.
Welcome to our network event!

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Please note: When unable to come – please make sure to cancel your invitation no later than 24 hours before the event. You do it most easily via your invitation. For late cancellation or no-show you will be charged a fee of 395 SEK (excluding VAT).

This presentation will be in Swedish.

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