Katie Stoddart, founder & CEO of ‘The Focus Bee’ is an-award-winning, transformative coach & conscious leadership facilitator. Katie supports entrepreneurs & companies to reach & sustain peak performance in their business. Katie is dedicated to empowering people to lead with greater joy, alignment, and purpose, so that they can thrive in both their life and work.

Katie started her career as an engineer, working offshore, mapping the seafloor. From her time at sea, she gained the experience of leading teams under stressful circumstances. During her career, Katie has explored two of the greatest mysteries & unknowns: the infinity of the ocean and the depth of the human psyche.

Passionate about: leadership, performance and mindfulness, Katie is frequently invited to speak & host conferences – she has amongst others spoken at Mindvalley, Women in Tech, Fifteen Seconds, and hosted a TEDx event (as MC) in Gothenburg. For her weekly podcast ‘The Focus Bee Show’, Katie interviews international leaders and high performers.

Title: The Magic Power Of Mindful Self-Discipline

  • Self-discipline has a bad reputation. We think of it as forcing ourselves. In reality, though,

self-discipline is the ability to live aligned with your values and higher goals. And unlike

what most of us believe, discipline isn’t something you have or don’t have – it is a skill

that you can train.

  • There is not a single area in your life that doesn’t improve by strengthening self-

discipline: from health to work. Having strong self-discipline enables greater focus, self-

control, determination, growth, grit, and even optimism.

  • In this workshop, we are going to dive into the concept of ‘Mindful Self-Discipline’, and

look at how you can use some of the key tools to strengthen your own discipline and

reach the goals & aspirations you are striving for!

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