There are many questions about tomorrow and rapid technological developments in AI and robotics are shaping the fate of our society. In this breakfast lecture, Fredrik Löfgren takes us into a future where humans and machines not only coexist, but also collaborate. He highlights a number of opportunities that come with technological development but also talks about the challenges we will face. From ethical dilemmas to social change. Fredrik makes AI and robotics accessible to everyone, regardless of prior knowledge.

The new technologies will change the whole society and the world as we know it. There are therefore many reasons to try to prepare and plan for the future, let’s take a small step together this morning. Welcome to a thought-provoking breakfast lecture that promises to inspire and engage you in the discussion about our technological future!

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Warm welcome!

Practical information

  • Date: Friday, March 22, 2024
  • Times: Breakfast* from 07:30 – Lecture at 08:00 – 08:40
  • Location: Helio Stockholm City, Malmskillnadsgatan 29, 111 57 Stockholm.
  • Pre-registration required – Register here:

*We offer morning coffee/tea, a breakfast roll and juice/smoothie. Carried out in collaboration with Helio: Coworking, Kontor & Mötesrum Sign up for the free breakfast lecture A management with heart and brain!

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