Prawns on toast with Arctic prawns, dill and smoked mayonnaise

Smoked salmon, prawns, dill & Gotland wild garlic crème on rye bread

Mini pie with wild mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise

SEK 190



Mini taco with prawns, mango, coriander & chili

Mini taco portabello mushroom, halloumi & pesto

Mini taco chicken, pico de gallo with pickled gherkins & crisp lettuce

SEK 190



Steam bun veggie with Tempeh (fermented yellow peas), herb crème, pickled gherkins &

fried lentils

Mini burger on brioche, chili crème & cucumber

Chicken slider with avocado & Dijon mayonnaise

Seafood slider with chili & raw slaw

Nürnberger bratwurst with Dijon mustard & caramelised onion on rye bread

Bun Bun Pork Sandwich pork belly with kimchi, coriander & sriracha

SEK 85 ea



We kindly ask that your entire party orders the same menu

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(All prices are excluding VAT and per person)


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