As women, many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves as of how to be the best us, be the best at work, be happy and thankful, and love the new life as a mum, make great food, stay healthy, work out….

When to be fair our tired selves really just want to lay on the couch and let mini-me watch Babblarna.

Most probably all the pressure is coming from ourselves, we know it’s not healthy, but how can we deal with that?

Nine years ago Johanna Lundgren started @DetoxLife, which back then, among other things, included coaching people through juice-cleansing. Today the focus has shifted, and this night Johanna will talk about the concept of health. What that means for her and how she got to a point of acceptance, self-love and how to find harmony in life, which sometimes means nothing else but then laying on the coach doing absolutely nothing.

Come mingle, listen, discuss, have some snacks and mocktails with us!

For this event all of our ladies at Helio are more than welcome – just RSVP no later than 18/3 to our Head Curator

And yes, babies are more than welcome to join!

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