At Helio, we have hardly laid in the hammock at all this summer because we’ve been wearing hard hats and counting the days until we can welcome you to our 2 new facilities around Central Station and Hötorget! At Malmskillnadsgatan 29 and Gamla Brogatan 32, we continue on our journey, creating vibrant, inspiring offices with all the little extras you need.

Ahead of our latest openings, we have gathered feedback from our thousands of members to become even better at catering to the post-COVID work-life with phone booths and flexible meeting rooms. Our architects at CJ Studio have ensured that both facilities have a local touch. The City location will have a more lavish 60s vibe, while the Klarakvarteren facility will be an intimate space where the 1800s will contrast with the area’s history as a hub for newspapers.

With us, you can become part of an award-winning community that houses several of Stockholm’s most exciting companies. We believe that a mix of industries, people, and companies creates the most interesting place to spend your days. That’s why we are proud to have both large publicly traded companies and investment firms as members, as well as smaller startups and consultants covering everything from legal matters to global health issues.

Currently, we are offering a limited number of “hard hat tours” at both Klarakvarteren and City locations for those who want to be among the first to choose their office spaces. If you’re curious, I recommend emailing us at info@helio.se or giving us a call at 08 522 232 00, and you’ll get a response within a few minutes.

Read more about Klarakvarteren here, and City at this link. 

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