The tricky thing about the future is determining your part in it. It’s easy to look in from the outside and predict a trend or movement; it’s harder knowing how big of a part you’ll have in making these changes. 

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to pause and accelerate certain parts of our society. Technology, innovation and coordination have taken huge leaps forward while music, culture and experiences suffer.

Last fall and this winter, we, the people behind Gather, decided to let go of conference culture and instead find new ways to meet. Our focus is on innovation, the business mindset, survival, co-creating, creativity and art – combining these to form a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

At our Learn @ Lunch on Feb. 23rd, we will tell you why, how and when.

We’ll look to the future with these things in mind:

1. We will present out 10 most important trends from all walks of life.

2. We will explain why we strongly believe in creative co-creation and how we have seen that the pandemic has opened doors that were previously closed in music, live set ups and the arts, that have taken a hit during the pandemic.

3. We will highlight both ethical and sustainable aspects of this fusion and development.

4. We will also talk about our own role of pushing a platform for cultural and creative expressions in the future and how we can be a part of it.

5. We will highlight culture’s role in the city and its development, how society will form into a fusion of culture, city, tech, humankind and so much more.

Jakob Grandin is the entrepreneur and night-life profile behind clubs and entertainment investments like Trädgården, Under Bron and the newly closed Nobelberget. He also founded the organization Nattskiftet and now works full time with the innovation festival Gather.

Paulina Modlitba has a background in technology and has long been involved in pushing innovation, change and digitalization in different forms and for different purposes. She’s been in the expert committee of Digitaliseringskommisionen, Alumni of the year at KTH in 2018, and has been a part of forming Gather’s program from the start.

The event will be live streamed on Facebook.


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