Abundo presents an inspirational lecture with speaker, relationship expert and CBT-therapist Jacqueline Joo.

Relationship expert Jacqueline Joo has interviewed, coached, trained and lectured thousands of people since 2008. She is frequently employed by Sweden’s largest media and often appears as a relationship expert in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, SVT Morgonstudion, Lyxfällan, Expressen, Aftonbladet, NRJ and SR.

Her main fields are social-, personality- and developmental psychology as well as cognitive behavioral science, and she has special competence in social relations, communication and collaboration.

Jacqueline’s lectures provide many eye-opening insights and guarantee a high recognition factor as she mixes psychological research with her own professional experiences as a CBT-therapist. Her presence and energy on stage is hard to beat. The focus is on you as an audience, and will increase your understanding of your own behavior and others. She talks about how you can maximize your social skills, why you should dare to communicate more honestly and how you can create successful teams with strong group culture.

Jacqueline previously worked with a private clinic dealing with CBT-therapy with a focus on social relations, communication, conflict and stress management. She has been a therapist for a wide target group, ranging from students to CEOs, marketing and HR managers. Today she works primarily as a lecturer and leadership consultant for companies.

She has a background as a journalist and constantly uses writing in her professional role. She has previously managed a large relationship and psychology blog and published the popular science book “Din dolda sociala förmåga”.

This lecture is produced by Abundo in collaboration with Profile Agency and Helio, exclusively for Abundo members, but as a Helio member you have the opportunity to take part of this event, just RSVP to martin.tallvid@helio.se.

TIME: About 1 hour including a break and time for questions.

FOOD & DRINK: Please stay for a bite to eat or drink at the restaurant Penny & Bill.


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