Movie time! We are proud to announce a new partnership with Doc’s Lounge, the mobile Festival which shows Swedish and international documentary film at various locations around the town. Each video is framed by art, music, performances or visits by the directors themselves. December 5, 6-10 pm is the time! Mephobia, All This Panic, is shown and there will also be performances by KÖREN

More info about the event below. For members on Helio the event is of course for free, and you sign up for it by!


THE MAIN MOVIE – ‘ All This Panic’

An intimate look at the interior lives of a group of teenage girls as they come of age in Brooklyn. A potent mix of vivid portraiture and vérité, we follow the girls as they navigate the ephemeral and fleeting transition between childhood and adulthood.

“A tribute to all teen girls” – Dazed Digital  

“Might be the most honest documentary about teenage girlhood ever” – I-D magazine

The director Jenny Gage and the photographer Tom Bettertonsin shows off a beautiful and delicate aesthetics. They capture the intimate moments of self-realization, and the strength and durability of a friendship. Their commitment to documentary and their openness to the teenagers creates a natural and naked portraits of the bittersweet youth.

“All This Panic is a perfectly judged, honest account of life on the cusp of womanhood”-Dazed and Confused Magazine

The documentary had its world premiere at Tribeca 2016.

Jenny Gage / USA / 2016 / 79 min
Language: English
Subtitles: None




A bunch of girls at 6-8 year hang around in the neighbourhood and throw their trash out on the streets. The older girl gang is at least as frustrated but their pent-up restlessness are shown in other ways and limits are constantly being tested. Every single scene is a chafe of recognition, and manages to crawl under your skin where hubris and contempt go hand in hand.

Was shown at Gothenburg Film Festival 2016. ‘Mephobia ‘ according to the Urban Dictionary: Fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can’t handle it and everyone dies.

Mika Gustafson/ Sweden/ 2016



KÖREN is a separatist drive for women and trans people and we sing only music written by women and transgender people. We have no entrance auditions, and anyone who wants to join can do so (as long as there is room). We sing songs which we ourselves arrange and compile. 

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