We’ll learn more about protests, health and baroque interior design during Learn@Lunch, where we ‘re treating you to a delicious lunch, as always, while you’re being inspired – RSVP to martin.tallvid@helioworks.se to secure a spot latest by October 12th!

Sweden’s best trend spotter Trendstefan is going through the biggest and most relevant trends to come. Get an insight in millennial pink and why desserts have become such a big thing now.

Stefan Nilsson is Sweden’s most medial trend spotter and regularly pops up in media with sightings from the world. Always traveling, Trendstefan gets information about the latest stuff but also reasonings for what dreams we have. Trendstefan is frequently listed as one of the most powerful people within Design Sweden. You’ll find him at @trendstefan or at www.trendstefan.se

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