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Customer experience is one of the biggest assets a company can have against its rivals. How do we create a company culture that breathes customer experience? What does a culture like that really look like? What role does leadership play? 

Is it worth creating such a company culture? How do we get our employees aboard? At this Learn & Lunch, you’ll get the answer to these questions by powerful practical suggestions. You’ll also be inspired to learn how small measures can produce a big effect and be the next step towards a business with the customer at its center.

Sanna works as Head of Service Delivery at MTRX. She has many years of experience where she’s successfully worked with customer- and staff experience within small and big companies alike, as well as on strategic levels and operative levels. She’s a beloved speaker and facilitator within leadership, values and company culture.

Read more about the event and RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/873812423419192/

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