With insights from Silicon Valley and the unique Singularity University, Mia possesses rare knowledge about the future trends. She understands the demands that the digital world’s exponential growth rate is putting on organization and leadership.

At Learn@Lunch on January 17th, Mia will be talking about the groundbreaking journey of the city farm Plantagon, that gives us an insight in the future trends of AI, space travel and Agenda 2030.

After a successful career in the travel industry, Mia returned to Sweden. Once back, she became one of the foremost leaders for Systembolaget’s change, a journey that could best be described as an alteration ”from authority to service organization”. Mia’s unusual talent to break down complicated strategies to simple messages, as well as spreading them among coworkers has been one of the big success factors.

Mia’s leadership philosophy is to show that words have meaning by taking action. She has a big passion for contributing to solve the global challenges and has taken part in several High Level Leaders’ Summits within the work of the UN, Agenda 2030 and the sustainability goals. Mia keeps her focus on leadership and innovation and believes that only through a brave and fierce leadership will be able to create a harmonic alongside the exceptional technological development.

As always, send an email to martin.tallvid@helio.se to secure your spot and as usual, we’ll be treating you to lunch!


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“Not every time has to be orgasmic” Jakob Grandin about Berghain, Gather and the longing for a collective.

At Helio we have the ambition to mesh members and industries in order to create, cooperate and accomplish. Someone who feels the same way is the cultural entrepreneur and goose-bump creator Jakob Grandin, who along with the Innovation festival Gather has as a goal to create change and cross-border encounters. Jakob is also the creator behind the creative hub House of Gather, Nattskiftet, Nattrådet and has both feet in the cultural industries as the founder of Trädgården with the bureau Grandin’s Flying Circus.  Before Jakob began flying, he used to work as a P.E. teacher, but he has also experienced what it’s like to live on social welfare when one of his previous clubs went downhill. Jakob is the kind of person who makes sure that the lamp is correctly aligned, instead of trying to bask in the light of it. We went for lunch and a cup of java with the man who confirms our theory of how opposites attract – in order to, well, to put it simply, get to know him better.  Hello Jakob, did you live in a collective when you were younger?  No! If we were going to take a guess at what your passion is, it would be collectives. When it boils down to it, all your projects are either created as one or in one. Where do these collective dreams come from?  Maybe it was the …

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