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Let’s welcome our lovely Mia into the spotlight! One of our veterans here at Helio, she tells us a bit about her background and how her journey at Helio has been, and how she, together with her members, have created an environment where people want to socialize, both in and outside their offices. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you and what motivates you?  

My name is Mia Börjeson, and creativity and imagination are my keywords. I grew up on one of those idyllic farms in Västra Götaland that you sometimes see on the milk packages with cows, horses, sheep and pigs. Every morning before I went to school, the horses were fed and looked after, and the stables cleaned. Thanks to my upbringing, I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty. On the contrary, it makes me feel like I can work with my whole body. I’m motivated by the positive reactions and results you get by doing more than expected.

Hur hamnade du på Helio?

The first time I heard of Helio was in 2015, when it was called Summit. A friend of mine told me about it and thought it sounded like a great job for me. And look at that, it sure was! I started the same year as extra staff and pretty quickly felt at home. I slowly worked my way up and 1 year later I started as a Community Manager and was involved in opening our facility in Kista. After 3 years there, I decided to test my wings elsewhere. I realized after a while that the saying; “there’s no place like home”, was in fact true. So, I came back to Helio again! I started all over again as extra staff, worked my way up to Community Manager, and finally, I’m where I am today – Site Manager in Kista. And I’m home again!

Please tell us a little about Kista?  

Kista is the facility where I feel most at home and is also one of our older facilities. We’re located in the middle of the main street in Kista, between the fair and the city center. In addition to co-working and meetings, our facility also has a reception and café that is open to everyone. We are a splash of color in the otherwise rather grey Kista area.

What is something special about Helio Kista that stands out from other facilities?   We have a nice vibe! As soon as you walk through the doors, you get the feeling that there are a bunch of great people hanging out here. Kista is often associated with dreary grey buildings, stressed IT-workers and being far from the city. But we have managed to create an atmosphere that makes it feel like a modern workplace with a lot of life and color! We also spend time together outside our member areas and Helio members also sometimes hang out with other companies in the building. So, our community in Kista is the whole building, which is super fun!

What’s your signature dish?  

The Filipino dish Pancit! Rice noodles with tofu, shrimp or chicken with carrots, cabbage, onion and soy. YUM!

We thank Mia for her wonderful answers! If you’re eager to become colleagues with her, you can take a closer look at or awesome facilities in Kista or e-mail us at info@helio.se if you have any other questions. 

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