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There are many options on the market today for those who do not want a traditional office with various designations. In this blog post, we go through the differences between the two forms. The concept of office hotels has been present for several decades in the Swedish market, while coworking is something that has emerged only in the last 15 years.

Office Hotel – a hotel for offices

In short, an office hotel is a larger office space that is divided into several smaller rooms, with different companies renting these individual office spaces. You share the entrance with other companies, and sometimes there are shared services such as reception and meeting rooms. Contracts are often flexible, allowing you to both expand or terminate your space on short notice. Office hotels used to imply that there were no other workspaces available besides your own room, and social interactions were limited unless you took the initiative.

Coworking is social.

Coworking is derived from the idea of a social network (as the name suggests!) where, through informal networks, one could find co-founders, clients, partners, and suppliers. So, initially, it was a social place where, through the exchange with other members, one could become a more successful entrepreneur. In the beginning, coworking spaces also didn’t have any closed rooms; everyone shared all areas to maximize networks. Common events are also a significant part of the operation with various company pitches, inspiration, and networking events. You can read more about the history of coworking here.

Fluid boundaries

Today, coworking and office hotels are used interchangeably, and the boundaries between all types of offices are becoming blurred. What has happened in the market over the past 10 years is that flexible offices are taking an increasingly larger share of the office market, and more services are demanded by both smaller and larger tenants. At Helio, many components are included in a membership beyond just the office space, such as gym & training facilities, networking events, breakfast, the ability to work from any Helio location, shared trips, and much more. Additionally, all the essentials that come with an office are provided, including organic coffee, cleaning, printers, reception, and package handling. You can read more about what’s included in a Helio membership here.

How generous is the space for your team?

What is important to keep in mind is which areas are available to you as a member. If you have a room for 6 people, are there more places than the room you can be in? At Helio, we have generous common areas and lounges, because we believe you should be able to choose a place according to your mood or type of meeting. A soft sofa for reading a document, an informal meeting in our quiet lounge or team work in your own office. Or if you want – take the whole team to another Helio and work all day for free!

Helio is coworking

We define ourselves at Helio as coworking, where we believe that our architect-designed offices are what might make members move in. What makes them stay is rather the network in place with other exciting companies and entrepreneurs. We do curated member activities every week and have even won awards for our community work. If you are curious about coming and meeting us, we are always available at or 0852223200

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