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Helio Kungsholmen has made, and is still making a number of changes. The man who is on site as responsible Site Manager is called Albin Plantin. In addition to this, the person who has been in the center of building dust and restructuring is Sweden’s champion in boule. Therefore, we wanted to ask him about Helio Kungsholmen’s future, but we also wanted to get to know the person who’s always there.

 Hi Albin, shall we start by talking about you being a boule champion? How good are you?

 Haha, that is a question for the beholder, isn’t it? I started playing in 1993, I have fifteen SM gold medals, played both in the World Cup and the European Championships as a junior and senior. Highest ranked in Sweden 2007-2009, the rest of the time top 10! I have also been a coach for the women’s national team and the club team Siberia. We came in third in the European Championships, the World Cup and the World Cup with the Women’s national team and have been in the semifinals in the European Cup.

Holy smokes, man! Is it true that a minor accident happened during an internal boul, where you were mostly involved?

 Yes, although I was on the right side of the story. I shot the little wooden ball in our match and managed to hit it pretty hard. Unfortunately, it bounced on my colleague Linus, and managed to hit a spot that resulted in him falling down on the floor. Fortunately, we laugh at it today!

Tell us about your story at Helio, from new employee to today!

 Everything started with a recommendation from an old colleague, Linus in Kista, almost 2 years ago. I started working with meetings and then switched to being responsible for that department, and I’m now the site manager for Kungsholmen. It’s been a very exciting journey which has been challenging in a good way, all the way. I’m looking forward to seeing Kungsholmen grow and see what we can do there together – Helio, members, conference guests and other people on the premisis!

How does it feel to grow and adapt with the plant?

 The whole area is very interesting and a good place to grow. A lot is happening in the area and it’s a natural place for our members to enjoy their stay. For me, it feels like an incredibly rewarding project which will result in something that is great for many people in Kungsholmen, and for Stockholm in general.

Tell us what happened at Helio Kungsholmen during the winter and spring! What’s new and what are the biggest changes?

 The member part has expanded enormously as we’ve built “The Bank”, a separate part that is intended solely for members. It’s a cool room with many details and facilities. We have also built new offices at our café and we’ll also have room for more members there. We have a lot of fun things going on in the conference section, for example, a series of lectures in Guldspaden with Anna Kindberg Batra and Olof Lundh, and many more.

You have built a brand new pod studio! Is it free for anyone to book? 

That’s right! It’s super cozy and located in the old bank vault. Three comfortable armchairs, good technology and of course very soundproof!

Can you buy services such as cutting and editing?

 Absolutely, at Helio we offer services and solutions for most things.

Also, you recently rebuilt the entrance area at the DN scraper, what will changeand when will you open the gates? 

The difference is that we’re building three two-person offices. The gates will be opened on May 1st!

What would you say is the best thing about the coworking concept?

 There are loads, the network, “colleagues”, and above all, an extremely fun way to work and meet people!

What is special about Helio’s establishment at Kungsholmen?

 The possibility for members to carry out large and small events in our different bookable rooms.

“The Bank” is a very exciting place and we have many lovely businesses that works in the area.

Furthermore, during the autumn, we’ll be creating offices on floor 23, so the view from those offices will be spectacular. Bombastic!

We have been told that you once tried to dye your read beard blonde, but that the color didn’t work. Will we see you adorned with other colors in the future?

 Haha yeah! I have been thinking about developing the whole thing and follow the seasons. I’m thinking Christmas decorations, Easter eggs, pumpkins, hearts, etc. Please share your suggestions!

Finally, Albin, if I say Learn at Lunch, what do you say?

 I say GO! It’s an inspiring series of lectures in the Helio program, with lots of interesting speakers. A very nice way to spend your lunch, since lunch is on us. Learning while having a “break” is a striking concept!

Thanks Albin! If you want to have a look at the premises at Kungsholmen or want to give Albin beard-decorating tips, just email him at! 

And as always, follow us on @wearehelio for new updates!

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