Congratulations to Sara Aus and Pridepodden who wins “Årets Kulturentreprenör” (The Cultural entrepreneur of the year) in the competition named “Årets Ungdomsentreprenör” (The Youth entrepreneur of the Year) hosted by Fryshuset.  Sara will now move in with us as a member during the coming year as part of our collaboration with Fryshuset.

Pridepodden says: “The project is designed to highlight and promote LGBTQ +-persons life situations. Pridepodden is for people of all ages regardless of ethnicity, gender/non-sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sexuality, functional variation, religion and faith as well as class and social belonging.”

You can read more about Fryshusets award  here, and here you can listen to Pridepodden on Soundcloud.





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