We live in a time with great progress within brain research. We live in the ”brain age”. The biggest annual conference in the world is for specifically brain research. Never before have we understood so much about our mental needs.

With findings from over 200 studies within brain research and architecture psychology, ÅWL Architects have developed the concept ”Evidence based Office”. The point of the concept is to use rooms as tools to affect the brain in a positive manner. Different sensory inputs affect us in different ways, and rooms are clusters of different sensory inputs.

The presentation gives you insight, as well as tips and tricks, that help improve overall health and productivity, as well as what environments that could act as support for concentration, creativity and team work. You will also receive explanations as to what a cow in Austria has in common with the US Navy Seals or Goldman Sachs, why you shouldn’t schedule meetings in the morning, why ergonomics isn’t important and why you shouldn’t eat tomatoes.

The theme is as interesting as it is relevant, and you will see everyday life with new eyes. Welcome to a cross-disciplinary lunch with office strategist Sven Ostner! Of course, lunch is provided by Helio as usual, and you RSVP directly to martin.tallvid@helioworks.se

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