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Right now, it’s mostly building dust in the gym, but in just a couple of weeks, we’ll open the doors so you can work out at the new Helio in Malmö. We are proud to introduce our new PT Danny Cramner who even made us put up a punching bag in the gym! Here’s a couple of questions for Danny.

Welcome to Helio, Danny! Who are you and what are your passions? 

My name is Danny Cranmer. I work in coaching. I have a great interest in man’s ability to change and adapt. “What makes us change and why?” I am fascinated by how similar we are in our basic needs yet how different our journeys can look during life.

Tell me a little bit about your philosophy around training? 

I have a holistic methodology that targets both the inside in the form of mental presence and outside through varied movement and sustainable nutrition. I attach great importance to finding a suitable pedagogy and that you find joy in the change that you want to implement.

What will the members of Helio in Malmö be able to look forward to this spring? 

You can expect a well-designed functional gym where you can challenge both your strength and your fitness. We will also have two classes each week for both body and mind, focusing on challenge and recovery. The goal is for everyone to have an opportunity to participate regardless of fitness level. Together, it’ll be more fun. I am very excited to get started and challenge your joy of movement!

What are your top three Malmö tips? 

  1. Malmö’s fantastic outdoor gym – especially Pildammsparken or on the beach.
  2. The cold bathhouse. Especially in winter with hot sauna sessions and icy dips alternated.
  3. Malmö Canoe Club. A nature experience just minutes from the big city.

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