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Afrodite and Apollonia are two of our exciting members at Helio K6 in Malmö! With their backgrounds in PR and marketing, these old high school friends have created a podcast about the “highs and lows” of careers, something that we at Helio think everyone should hear about!

Tell us, who are you and what do you do?
We run the career podcast “Off topic with Afrodite & Apollonia” since 2020, which aims to question life and the corporate landscape, to inspire you to be exactly who you are. We have recently launched “Karriärakuten” (The Career ER) as a new podcast concept, where we talk about a career dilemma from our listeners every week. When we’re not podcasting, Afrodite works as a brand consultant and is self-employed. Apollonia works with PR at Thevea Brands Group. In addition to having the podcast and our careers in marketing & PR in common, we have also been best friends since high school.

How did you end up starting a podcast together?
We missed a podcast that talked openly and without a filter about careers. That talked about the good and the bad and everything in between. We all know that no one’s career goes straight up, yet the media and the podcast landscape tend to only shine a light on the positives. We wanted to change this by podcasting about our own career experiences, where we both share and reflect on, for example, why it can sometimes be uncomfortable to negotiate salaries, the 8-5 life and generational differences.

You who have talked about careers on the podcast – what is the best career tip so far?
Our best career tip is to ask yourself “Who am I doing this for?” and thereby get more clarity on whether you are doing the right thing for the right reason or not. It’s incredibly easy to just keep going without ever reflecting on the choices you make in your career, and we are strong advocates of taking ownership of your own career. We have an entire podcast episode about this; “#122 The Career Tips You Never Get to Hear”.

How do you think we will be working 5 years from now?
We truly believe that freedom will become increasingly important for employees (but also employers, for that matter). Therefore, the gig economy trend is something we strongly believe in. Jumping a little more between companies and assignments instead of settling into safe employments may become increasingly common.

What is Malmö’s best kept secret?
That there is an incredible selection of food that won’t bankrupt you.

Here is a link to their podcast, and more specifically the one mentioned in the interview:

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