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Together, Abundo and Helio present an inspirational lecture with the engagement expert Thomas Dimming.

Thomas has been doing lectures for 20 years and has cracked the code on how to take the step from “should have” to “did” and get continuously high performance levels – in order to help as many as possible to enjoy their jobs.

The lecture is practically aimed at identifying which factors both leaders and employees can work with in their day to day life in order to get more people to enjoy working. When more people enjoy working, new results will be achieved. It’s proven!

He speaks from 20 years of experience of supporting leaders in everything from multinational companies to owner-led small businesses and public organizations. Always with a clear red thread: stop guessing, there are recipes for achieving happiness at work and high-performance levels!

We are living in times of amazing opportunities with digitalization that can create new customer values, more stimulating work duties and give entirely new possibilities for profitability and growth.

But, many of these possibilities will never become reality without employees who are curious, proactive, cooperating, persevering and problem-solving, in other words, employees who enjoy really working.

Stop guessing, there’s a recipe for enjoying work and achieving better results: You can get very far with common sense. With robust scientific studies, you can get even further. For those that are willing to stop guessing and instead learn, there are gold mines of information for when people enjoy or don’t enjoy working and as a result perform better or worse.

Thomas has a very valued ability to mediate his experiences and knowledge about how happiness at work and results can be promoted. In his lectures, Thomas mixes facts with exciting stories and gives the listeners plenty of space to reflect on their own. Through his solid stage experiences, his easy-going and personal presence get the entire audience to pay attention. The goal is for everyone to leave the lecture with new insight and their own plans for how to affect their own work happiness and as a result also their performance.

This lecture is produced by Abundo in collaboration with Helio, exclusively for Abundo members, but as a Helio member you have the opportunity to take a part of this evening, so RSVP to  

The lecture is held in the “Bond” auditorium, a salon with comfortable cinema chairs. You are welcome to enjoy a meal in the restaurant Penny & Bill both before and after the lecture.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Arrive early or stay after to enjoy a bite to eat or drink in the restaurant Penny & Bill.

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