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Do you also want to live a richer life? 

ThinkonomyHeja Livet‘ s concept, a collaboration between Prisjakt and Börshajen, has been rolling through Heja Livet’s channels during this year.

Thinkonomy is a web series about sustainable consumption and saving, it’s available in four parts with different areas of focus within the economy. The purpose of the series is to inspire women to be more aware of their economy and spread the knowledge that everyone can, and that it’s never too late to start thinking smart around your money.

Let’s tie up the moneybag at Helio GT30 with an event for even more inspiration about how you can live an economically sustainable life for a richer life and a safer future.

During the evening we’ll have lectures from the experts Sandra Bourbon (Framtidsfeminsten), Tove Zander (Swedbank) and Monica Sjödin (Minova) that will help us out with concrete tips and advice! Prisjakt will show you how their app works and Andra Farhad (Börshajen) will lead a panel discussion with our lecturers and experts, that you at the end of the evening will get the chance to have a talk with during some speed-dating!

As a member of Helio you have the opportunity to participate in this event free of charge by sending an e-mail to our Head Curator martin.tallvid@helio.se before November 11th!


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