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The theme for this seminar is “Sustainable Transporting and Traveling”. 

We are currently shifting towards more and more sustainable traveling and transporting. A number of businesses within the industry have started the journey towards the vision of achieving a zero-carbon footprint in line with the political climate-goal of decreasing the transportation industry’s emissions by 70% by 2030.

There is a common denominator between the world’s most successful, sustainable businesses. Within each of these businesses, there’s been a leader with a deep conviction in realizing their idea of responsibly managing the business to whatever cost. These leaders have had the courage to make changes, they are always ready to take calculated risks and stand up against the shareholders’ demands on quarterly earnings. These leaders are distinguished by their rebellious personality.

During the seminar, we will listen to two strong personalities who fit this description. They don’t have the patience to sit with their arms crossed, waiting for customers to demand that they start using sustainable transportation methods. They capture the audience with their storytelling. They are also serial-entrepreneurs – with sustainability as their driving force – and have a feel for caring, developing and communicating brands.

Stefan Ytterborn is a competitive man who entered his career by selling blinds to architects and by importing designer furniture. I 1996, IKEA launched the design series PS – an entirely new business concept initiated by Ytterborn, with help from Swedish designers. After having managed the Guldägg-awarded design company Ytterborn & Fuentes, he founded the Swedish success saga POC (helmets for skiing and bicycling) in 2004.  Ytterborn has now begun his next big voyage, Cake, that will completely change how we view motorcycles. From loud, exhaust-spreading toys for men to quiet, exhaust-free electric motorcycles for everyone.

Konrad Bergström is the founding father of Zound Industries. Since its start in 2008, the company has sold millions of headphones, from the colorful Urbanears to headphones in leather or gold for “fashion conscious ladies” under the brand Molami. During these years, Bergström launched around 30 brands, with the intention of design being their common denominator. For Bergström, water is the link that binds everything together – it can be transformed from water to steam, to ice. No life would exist without water. In 2018, Berström sold his shares in Zound Industries for a hefty price and launched X Shore with a vision of becoming the whole world’s and the people’s electric boat, inspired by Tesla.

The travel industry is under a lot of pressure. Partly financially, with tight margins, partly because the industry is being criticized for its effect on the environment. However, the industry has now started to take its customer worries about the climate seriously. The industry is increasing its awareness in that resolute actions are needed to decrease the effects on the climate from both from travel destinations and flying.

Lottie Knutson is an educated journalist who started her career at SvD, a Swedish newspaper. She has a lot of experience, and unique experience in the travel industry – from Fritidsresegruppen to SAS. Knutson has also found the time to be a consultant for JKL and Bates. Being an expert in communication and crisis management has given her positions on boards within H&M, Stena Line, Cloetta and Swedavia. Today, she works in journalism, public speaking and is a travel expert. Knutson will, amongst other things, speak about how travel agencies care for and are developing their brands as well as communicating with their target group in times of climate threats. She will also provide insights for the future, on how the next generation will change their ways of traveling, following the footsteps of Greta Thunberg.

Aviation is, globally seen, responsible for 4-6% of the total CO2 emissions in the world. Swedish domestic flights are responsible for around 1% of Sweden’s emissions. Although it is easy to view this as a small number in this context, many in the Swedish aviation industry take the emissions issue very seriously. Major airlines’ growing engagement in sustainable development along with rapid innovation in commercial electrical- and hybrid flights, biofuel and aviation infrastructure, the future for aviation seems bright.

Jim Hofverberg is Head of Communications at the airline BRA, and has worked in PR and communications within the travel and aviation industry for almost 20 years. He has also been the person responsible for TUI’s sustainability in the Nordic countries, where he has initiated work on eco-labeling both airlines and hotels. Hofverberg has also been the head of communications for the charity Min Stora Dag, “My Big Day”. During the past couple of years at BRA, the communications work has been carried out while aviation has seen heavily opposition by journalists, media, politicians, influencers and the public. It has been educational and stimulating, but also frustrating. Hofverberg will share some of his day-to-day experiences from his work as Head of Communications at BRA.

Verified facts as weaponsagainst the opposition. The world record in low emissions that no one wants to hear of. The right tonality at the right time. A lone voice is not heard.

TELL US is a meeting point for heads of communications-, marketing and sustainability– CEOs with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience within sustainability communications and responsible business management. It has the ambition to strengthen brands, increase business value and contribute to a future sustainable society. Seminar participants – with different backgrounds and studies – are also welcome take part of the latest research. The initiative takers behind TELL US are the people at the communications bureau Brand Reality, with support from Sveriges Annonsörer.

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