Alex Nilsson

Meet Alexandra Nilsson, Site Manager at the Helio-family’s latest establishment: Sundbyberg. Alexandra has been with us since summer and worked tirelessly to make everything beautiful for the grand opening six weeks ago. With extensive hotel experience in her past, she knows everything there is to know about working with people, and we’re incredibly happy to have her on our team. Get to know Alex with these four short questions: 

Welcome to Helio, Alexandra! Who are you and what are your passions? 

Hi! I’m Alexandra but I’m usually called Alex, both shorter and easier. I’m passionate about making everyone around me feel good by contributing with a positive atmosphere. I love meeting people every day and creating unique experiences. That could mean anything from bringing breakfast for a colleague in the morning, or surprising my boyfriend with a reserved table at a restaurant. As you can tell, I love experiences! 

How does it feel to be a part of Helio’s opening in Sundbyberg? 

Wow! It’s been such an exciting trip! I joined the project at the beginning of summer and have worked with a sharp team to build the new Helio in central Sundbyberg. It’s been educational, and we’ve had to face unexpected roadblocks along the way that’s made it stressful from time to time. But we’re finally at the finish line and it feels amazing to be part of the opening of this location. 80 wonderful members have already moved in, and they all love the community! Amazing! 

What would you say is the best part of coworking? 

Previously, I’ve worked in the hotel business which is similar to coworking in many ways, but different as we work with a lot of frequenters. Each day, I look forward to hanging out with the members and returning café guests. That feeling is amazing and a good sign that coworking suits me. 

Finally, what are your top tips to keep motivation up during the fall? 

I strongly believe in giving people more positive feedback in everyday life. “Teamwork is dreamwork” – we need to credit each other to boost energy, especially as winter’s around the corner. And we all know how important exercise is. At Helio Sundbyberg, you can join our outdoor training session every month with Antoine Constantinedes, a private trainer from around the block.  The Helio team here makes sure to join in from time to time as well, sweating with the other members. Feel free to join us! 

Thanks Alex! If you’re itching for a viewing of Sundbyberg and the new, modern offices, email Alex at or call her on 0767200298. Welcome! 

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