Our member Henrietta Fromholtz is a colorful storm wearing large earrings. If one word could describe influencer Henrietta, it would be multipotentialite. A multipotentialite with the goal of encouraging other girls in the battle of being imperfect. We’re curious to hear about Henrietta’s busy fall with everything from an upcoming book release to secret projects, blog and vlog. Get to know Henrietta Fromholtz!

Hi Henrietta! We thought we’d begin the interview with five quick questions!

What did you do this summer?

I cancelled my trips abroad, went to the countryside and spent time on a jetty with some books and lots of crosswords.

What does your latest text message say?

From my photographer: What’s your budget for the photoshoot?

What is your strangest bad habit?

I often eat carrots at night…

Midsummer or Christmas Eve?

Without a doubt, midsummer.

What are you best at?


You left Metro Mode for a new platform and new challenges in the beginning of May. You write about everything from your life style to society matters on your blog, but how transparent are you?

My blog readers actually know most about me. I share everything from chitchat to private details about family and friends.

You’re often called a project leader, PR-consultant, advertisement genius and influencer. Tell us about everything you’re up to! What lies closest to your heart?

Advertisement genius – no. But you might say that I’m very knowledgeable in PR and digital communications. I don’t have a favorite, but I love mixing all my professions and I’m incredibly happy to have the opportunity to work both as a consultant and influencer. I have great advantages in doing both! I left my life as an employee to make time for everything and I’m now running my own business, Henrietta Fromholtz AB, where I’m both a consultant for Absolut Company as well as run my own channels.

You’re also writing your first book about your time as a teenager with anorexia. Tell us more about the book!

It’s a lot of fun! And difficult! Lava Förlag contacted me last fall and thought the topic anorexia and my story was exciting, and more people should get to take part of it. So right now, I’m in the middle of writing and I hope to have a first draft ready soon!

It must be very scary to be so open! Or are you used to it after all these years of blogging?

I’m used to it and I think that you get back what you give. In a nice way, that is! If I share my story, I hear similar stories by people who have felt or are feeling the same way. We share our sorrows, our joy and so on. It’s beautiful and empowering!

When is the book expected to be ready?

Spring 2019.

You had the pod ”Vakna med Hägg & Fromholtz” and are running a great vlog! What is the biggest difference, content-wise between podding and youtubing?

It takes much longer to produce a video for YouTube. The content demands more planning and editing.

How often do you work as a freelancing consultant?

Right now, two days a week to make time for the book, but when that’s done, I’ll be ready to accept more projects!

Would we be right in saying that digital marketing in all its shapes and forms, is something you couldn’t live without?

Absolutely, it’s so exciting to live during the digital development!

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to work on my own business idea, that I haven’t gotten started with yet. Hi, I’m looking for partners!I can’t say anything other than it’s a digital service for the future.

You’ve been very open about the fact that you ran into the famous wall last year. What would you say was one of the biggest reasons?

There were several reasons, but to summarize: I always want to be the best and do the most. I worked 100% with social media, 100% as a PR manager at the start-up and fashion brand Ivyrevel and I was trying to be the best friend, girlfriend and a sweet family member in between. To always be the best is hard work.

How did you get back up?

I stopped being the best and doing the most and put my health first. I gave in to the doctor that sent me to a CBT psychologist, where I again gave in and did everything he asked. I’ve always been suspicious about ”those who say that they know better”, the people that say that you can’t work too much or live as if you could do anything. My tip: Listen to the doctor, do the CBT, dare to be ”weak” and stop competing against yourself.

A bird whispered in my ear and said that your escape is a few hours away and is called Mallorca. How often do you go there and what’s your connection to the location?

I’m there approximately four times a year, but dream about spending 6 months on the island. I don’t really have a connection to Mallorca and have always been a big fan of France. But my family bought an apartment there a few years ago and now Mallorca is much better than France. A lite more mañanamañana!

What do you think about sitting in a coworking space, what are the advantages?

I’ve never liked to sit in a set office space in a house where everything’s the same. It makes me feel unmotivated. It’s refreshing that something’s always going on in the office and you get the opportunity to connect with other driven businesses!

Thank you, Henrietta! We’ll continue to follow you on all your platforms, hope that you can implement a little more mañanamañanain your busy life and are keeping our fingers crossed that you find partners for your secret project! Maybe one day soon you’ll be working from a Helio in Mallorca!

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