shoka åhrman

Welcome to an inspirational lecture by the national economist Shoka S. Åhrman! 

The lecture is inspired by Shoka’s book “Så blir du rik i den digitala ekonomin”. Learn how to start out with a few hundred in your savings account to invest like the pros! No matter what type of decisions we’re facing, we’re affected by our cognitive functions. We are driven by our psychology and our emotions.

“According to behavioral economics, humans are irrational and that effects us more than we think each day of our lives. This even though digitalization and internet are offering us more information than has ever been possible. This is also why it’s important to teach and understand how the human mechanism works”, says Shoka Åhrman.

***This lecture is produced in collaboration with Abundo and Fri Tanke, exclusively for Abundo members, but Helio members have a VIP guestlist. RSVP to Head Curator before September 20th.

Start the evening in our cocktail bar A bar called Gemma, of course, you can take your drink with you into the salon!

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