serena mon de vienne

Many parents experience that they keep telling their children the same thing over and over again – without getting a fruitful response. At this point it’s easy to try out different methods one after another, which rarely gives us the cooperation that we’re wishing for. 

Welcome to a lecture that will explain what communicative choices will lead to which effects on a child’s self-esteem. We will look at why the famous laudatory approach doesn’t always work and how important it is to create an equal dialogue between parent and child, as well as how to handle conflicts when common sense goes up against integrity.

This lecture will also provide a crash course in emotional scales – how should I help my child to handle their emotions? Serena Mon De Vienne is a rhetorical consultant and parenting expert. She has studied at the rhetoric’s program at Södertörns Högskola and has also studied family psychology.

***This lecture is produced in collaboration with Abundo and Fri Tanke exclusively for Abundo members, but Helio members have a VIP guestlist. RSVP to our Head Curator before September 30th.

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