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Today, we live in a world where everything runs at super speed. Sometimes, you work at home, sometimes at the office. You’re constantly reachable, deadlines have to be met, you have back-to-back meetings, you need to have time to work out and drop your kids off, and at the same time find time for family and friends. Demands are increasing, there is not enough time, and your body can’t keep up. Even though we know that it can lead to decreased focus, less energy, and finally, getting burnt out, we keep working at the same pace anyway. This is why self-leadership is more important than ever!

In this lecture, Deborah involves the audience in several interactive exercises, so that the theory becomes easier to understand through body signals. In an inspiring way, Deborah shares concrete tips on how to lead yourself in a smarter and better way – today! 

You’ll learn: 

● How stress works – the difference between harmful and harmless stress

● How you can identify warning signs to prevent harmful stress

● How you can replace unhelpful strategies with helpful strategies

● How you can stay focused and motivated in times of anxiety and uncertainty

● How you can create a more effective recovery

● How you can lead yourself in a smarter and better way with concrete tools

About Deborah:

Deborah Mühlrad is a therapist, behavioral scientist and lecturer who is passionate about spreading knowledge about psychology and helping leaders and employees to lead themselves and others in the new normal.

Deborah has given lectures to clients such as IKEA, Renault, Rituals, ICA Försäkring, and ByggMax. Deborah has lectured on leadership, stress management and work-life balance, linked to psychological theory and her experiences as a therapist.

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