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We sometimes get the question of how it compares to sit at Helio compared to having a traditional office. Being able to sit in brand new, designer offices, with regulars keynote speaker and, gym, organic coffee, 1000mbit WiFi, mail handling, reception services and brilliant staff may sound like an expensive setup – but in fact, you actually save money compared to having your own office. Why? Keep on reading!

1. You can move in, safely store your laptop and start working in an instant. Moving into a new office often requires months of planning from someone from your team, then signing up with IT suppliers, cleaning companies, architects, electrical, insurance companies and – coordination.

2. Furniture is included. Furniture is expensive, big and complicated – so why should you own them if what you really just want to do is to build on your company?

3. No one in your company needs to think about taking care of the office – no one needs to call IT support, nobody needs to go out to buy coffee (or clean the cups) or think about who has failed to give the key to the cleaning lady. And nobody needs to answer the phone and say hi to your visitors – we’ll do it for you. Do not pay for empty conference rooms, corridors, toilets or anything else. Pay-as-you-go with a simple booking in the Helio app and the rest of the areas you and the other members share.

5. Scale up and down depending on how you grow – we’ll fix it! You don’t need to consider renting seats to others if you shrink – or rent out your old office if it has become too small. At our over 20,000 m2 in Stockholm, you can both shrink and grow as you want with flexible contracts.

Most companies can save about 30-40% by sitting in a coworking environment when looking at the total costs, while having access to an office with hundreds of other interesting companies, keynotes, breakfasts and much more.

Sounds interesting? Come for a visit anytime by booking a tour at 08 522 232 00 or info@helio.se.
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