”That it’s important to breathe isn’t a newsflash. Just a few minutes of oxygen deficiency could ruin the brain’s ability to process incoming information, forever. But it’s not just important TO breathe, but also HOW we breathe. Breathing that is slightly unbalanced will cause negative consequences in the long run since we’re breathing so much every day. By improving our breathing, we can improve the oxygen intake and affect our thoughts and feelings, our inner organs such as heart and brain as well as the body’s different functions like muscle movement, digestion and immune system, in a positive way.”

Anders Olsson is a lecturer, educator and founder of Medveten Andning. He’s also written the book with the same title. After having had a brain running on full speed his whole life, he’s been lucky enough to find tools that have helped him to relax and find his inner calm. The most powerful of these tools have without a doubt been the improvement of breathing, which has led to Anders’ decision to become the world’s foremost expert in breathing. That was almost 10 years ago, and since then, he’s helped tens of thousands of people to better health and an increased life quality. More energy, better sleep, a more even mood, increased ability to concentrate, less pain and a better sports performance are constantly reoccurring results, by something as simple as improving the way we breathe.

Anders has a background as an IT-entrepreneur and likes to walk along unbeaten paths. He was the first person in the world to have run a half marathon with duct tape over his mouth, something he only did to show that it’s actually possible to only breathe through your nose when involved in physical activities. Anders also arranged the world’s first nose-breathing race, Nääsloppet at Nääs castle outside Gothenburg, where the participants only breathe through their noses. He has educated close to 800 Breathing instructors, so far mostly in Sweden but also around the world. He’s recently come back from America, where he was a guest speaker at several courses at Arizona State University, one of America’s biggest universities with over 70 000 students. He also participated in a pioneering breathing study at Stanford, one of the USA’s highest ranked medical institutions. Among other things, participants blocked their noses for 10 days, so that they were only able to breathe through their mouths. Mouth breathing 24×7 had a very negative effect on sleep, energy, mood, stress, mental capacity and want for junk food.

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