This summer you’ll see an unusually large number of younger members at Helio Kista because of our collaboration with Rookie Startups and their program RS Young Social Developers. Youths in high school get the opportunity to solve real problems for the City of Stockholm. Youths can thereby train their entrepreneurial abilities at the same time as they provide help to create a better Kista and Stockholm. We asked Axel Evertsson from Rookie Startups to tell us a bit more:

“Here at Rookie Startups, we work with developing the entrepreneurial ability of youths and every summer we’ve got around 2,000 young people who participate in one of our programs. We developed the project Young Social Developers in 2020 in connection with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) being incorporated into the Swedish legislation. In this program, youths get the chance to help a city or municipality, in this case the City of Stockholm, to tackle various challenges. In this way, the city gains insight into how young people think and at the same time, youths get the opportunity to make their voices heard. It’s wonderful to see youths get involved, develop and create innovative ideas with great social responsibility!

We look forward to hearing all their ideas and having them as members for a few weeks this summer. Our collaboration with Rookie Startups is part of Helio’s sustainability work where we try to contribute to a more sustainable city and work to make the local area around each Helio a safer, more inclusive and open place. We do this through our collaborations with organizations and urban development projects. You can find out more about Rookie Startups on their website.

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