We will kickstart the autumn by welcoming one of Sweden’s most award-winning lecturers and futurists, Göran Adlén, to our space. It will be a day filled with optimism. After attending one of Göran’s lectures, he was described as the worst enemy of pessimism – and we believe you will understand why once you’ve listened to him.

You will get a taste of his various presentations. You can listen to one, two, or all three if you wish. You can join us, where you’ll have breakfast, a light lunch, and refreshments if you’d like. If you’re not a member of Helio, you can receive a tour of our fantastic facilities and simply soak in the atmosphere. The number of seats is very limited, a maximum of fifty per lecture. The day is free of charge.


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Accelerating Uphill – Why should one invest now, and why is the economic downturn our best friend? Göran will talk about this in his first lecture of the day.

10:00 Refreshments, mingling, and a tour of Helio Sundbyberg

11:00 The Workplace of the Future Doesn’t Resemble the Past – We are undergoing a massive change in how we work, where we work, and how we can excel in the talent war. Göran will share his thoughts on creating an amazing workplace for the future.

12:00 Light lunch

13:00 Life was heading for disaster, but… – Göran will provide a preview from his upcoming book “Die Young as Late as Possible,” sharing his personal journey towards health transformation from being an out-of-shape individual to something else entirely. This will be pure inspiration on how one can influence their own health, regardless of age.

14:00 After-work gathering for those who want to stay and chat with us and Göran.

So, welcome to this day! You can decide how much you’d like to participate. Register now at maria.gonzalez@helio.se.

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