nicholas fernholm

Welcome to a breakfast seminar in collaboration with MySpeaker, hosted by the robot-expert and trend-watcher Nicholas Fernholm! 

Nicholas Fernholm is an award-winning lecturer with years of experience teaching individuals and organizations how to match an ever-changing world. He takes inspiration from his experiences as head of robotics at the new Karolinska hospital, the head of logistics during the build of Älvsjö’s field hospital during the pandemic, as well as a project manager during the huge adjustment that was made within healthcare in the face of the health crisis. We’re on the brink of the most transformative period in human history, where covid-19 didn’t only shake the world, but where automation and digitization still challenge the way us as people and organizations work.

During the crisis, many organizations became innovative, quick to act and daring in making choices that match the new challenges we face. How can we make sure that this mindset doesn’t go away? Can we keep this drive to innovate and point it to our future challenges such as digitization?

With his experience with innovations within robotics and healthcare, Nicholas will touch on this subject with an optimistic view on the future and create understanding, light heartedness and inspiration for the future.

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