Spring is here and there’s a lot going on here on the first floor of Helio GT30. We sat down with Linda Cousu, Restaurant Manager at Penny & Bill to find out about the upcoming changes and what we can expect from the new concept.

Hello Linda! It has been painted and fixed down in the restaurant this week and the concept is changing. Why are these changes made?  

We want to put more focus on our members who sit here in the house and have listened to their wishes. That’s why we have changed the menu according to their needs. We want a living house where there is always both food and drink but also a social platform. You should be able to do both here, before, during and after work.

Can you tell us what the restaurant will look like and what will change?

We’re remaking the concept, menus and changing opening hours! From early morning to evening you will now also be able to use the restaurant as a co-working and meeting area. We have some great news, we will start serving cooked breakfast between 7-9 in the mornings!

Breakfast is a lovely idea! What will you serve?

We will have everything from lovely omelets and scrambled eggs with bacon to our own energy bowls with fresh fruits, yogurt, honey and granola. Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, chia pudding, oatmeal and freshly squeezed juice are of course included.

What kind of changes are there for the rest of the day?

Between breakfast and lunch, you can order smoothies, sandwiches and other delicious treats. From 11:30 to 20:00 we serve an A la Carte menu with something for everyone.

Can you tell me some dishes that will be on the menu?

Hash browns, vegan soup, char fillet, filling salads and burgers roasted over open fire. We will also serve some selected desserts, classics like Créme Brulée and Tiramisu which I cannot live without.

If you want to have a glass of sparkling wine for the breakfast meeting or a glass of wine for lunch, will the bar stil be there?

Yes! Sparkling and still wines are of course available throughout the day. We now also have Pol Roger as our sparkling house wine, so find an opportunity to celebrate something ASAP!

The Bakery will also change. Can you reveal something about what will happen when it’s ready?

That’s correct! The construction will start soon and by the end of May you won’t recognize it! A brand new cocktail bar called Gemma will be run under the direction of our eminent bar manager Johan Evers. Gemma will be open 11-00:30, Monday to Saturday. So from opening time, you will always have great cocktails available!

Thank you Linda, we look forward to many warm breakfast meetings!

If you have special requests you can email Linda at linda.cousu@helio.se

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