Equality is not a question for women – it’s a recipe for success for both men and women.

During Learn@Lunch on April 23rd, we have the opportunity to listen to Viktoria Saxby, who wrote The new man. In this book, Viktoria, who has worked with gender equality for 25 years, explains how gender inequality is connected to everything from family relationships and personal health to economic growth, population volume and migration – our entire future. In contrast with much else in the gender equality debate, this book is not about creating contradictions between men and women. It’s about time to stop thinking about gender equality as a power struggle between the sexes.

Increased knowledge about equality can among other things lead to:

• better health and a longer life

• a closer relationship with your partner, children and friends

• making you more competitive and stress resilient

• making you a better leader or chief

• you can attract the top talents to your business

• making your business more efficient, innovative and profitable

Gender equality requires a new kind of masculinity. It’s only when more men and boys get to know the downside of today’s masculinity standards that a real change can take place. The new man is a help along the way.

>> Read the interview with Viktoria in Scandinavian Man <<

Viktoria Saxby is a gender equality expert and has previously worked in politics as an expert on gender equality policy. She has also educated managers in the Armed Forces and the Police Authorities and have worked with anti-trafficking, peace- and democracy issues. She has also worked with gang members in Los Angeles for many years. Today she works with education through the company HopeComms and is the founder of the organization TakeTwo, which works towards better representation in advertising, films and news media.

As always, RSVP to martin.tallvid@helioworks.se no later than the 18th of April – As usual, we’re going to provide a delicious lunch for you to eat while listening.

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