navid modiri

Navid Modiri is no ordinary lecturer.

This is going to be challenging, hard and disorderly – but with a big dose of love and with tongue in cheek. Welcome to “Everything is made up” – an inspirational lecture with Navid Modiri.

Have you ever thought about how everything you see around you is made up of people like you and me? This means that everything that will be created from here on out and in the future will be a part human fabrication. The question is whether you will want to stand on the sidelines and look on or be a part of making up the future.

Creativity has existed ever since humans stood up on their hindlegs and separated themselves from monkeys. Everything you see around you is a direct result of humans being’ ability to create.

How can a group or organization learn to think bigger and create the future instead of just existing within it? How can you practice becoming more creative and at the same time more productive? Is creativity really as much fun as everyone says it is? This lecture is for those who are ready for a challenge and take a step further in order to become deeply creative.

***This lecture is produced in collaboration with Abundo exclusively for Abundo members, but Helio members have their own VIP guestlist. RSVP before October 1st to our Head Curator

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