2017 was a year of change for Helio. We opened 5000 m2 on Grev Turegatan, welcomed another 200 members and rebranded our entire company. In 2018, you’ll see even more improvements to your membership. We are planning better phone rooms & booths across our locations after feedback from you, and we recently launched the app where we will add more features during the year. If you’re not a member yet , you can read more about memberships and coworking here.

So, what’s new? Here’s what you can expect:

Breakfast Club – Break bread together! Every week we invite you to a breakfast where we both get to know each other better, but also where new members are welcomed. If you need help with a pitch, need a lead to Stockholm’s best photographer, or are you new to the community and want to tell you what you’re doing – this is the forum!

Learn @ Lunch Have a quick lunch, and improve your knowledge at the same time; Learn @ Lunch is our series of mini-lectures and our way of creating the opportunity for a lunch to not only be satisfied and happy but also the opportunity to inspire and connect with others.

RE: FOCUS – Put your body & mind in focus and let go of everything for a while. Together with yoga instructors, runners and personal coaches, we put your body and head in shape every week so you can keep crucnhing away at your desk.

Out Of Office – We think everyone needs to get out of the office from time to time. See it as a mini-vacation where you flee the field and come back with something new. Together with various partners, we invite events in our Out Of Office series, where you are invited to various events around Stockholm.

Of course, we continue to arrange various spontaneous invitations for all exciting things happening around Helio’s various locations, and perhaps most importantly – we will continue to eat fika on Fridays!

Keep an eye on the event tab in the app for more updates – and the event schedule as well.

Martin Tallvid, Head Curator – martin.tallvid@helioworks.se

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