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Interview with: Marcus Smith

Does: Founder and CEO at SocialView


Since: February 2017

Less than six months ago SocialView moved in with us – a Kalmar and Stockholm based social media agency which is already growing out of their current space. Since the beginning of 2014, they have won prizes for their growth and customer cases. We had a cup of coffee with the Marcus Smith and talked about where they, and social media, are headed. 

Marcus still hasn’t turned 24 but has worked with social media for over ten years. Not with a long education, but with a genuine interest for both social media and the users, it became an obvious decision to start a company.

– Both myself and Andreas, with whom I started this with, have always been interested in technology and digital development. And we started SocialView almost right after high school.

Although social media is a fairly new marketing tool, it seems as if many are working with it. Which gaps are there to fill?

– Sure there are many who do this, but not everyone has the strategic mindset that it takes to focus the marketing to the right direction, and then measure the results of the investment. That’s where we felt that we could make a contribution.

Many companies are increasing their presence on social media, but Marcus believes that few have a plan.

– It’s easy to post on Facebook, but it gets harder if you want to move away from routin-like posting to making social media a company’s most crucial marketing channel.

Facebook has two billion users today but doesn’t seem to stop their domination. What happens next? 

– The big players will grow up and create an entire eco-systems around tjeir services. The next step will be that we order our grocery bags and pay our bills on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg says that they have only completed a few percent of their total plan so far. Some might say it’s creepy, but we think it’s incredibly inspiring to be part of this change!

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