Our philosophy on Helio is to mix people, ideas and industries to see what happens (usually magic in any form). We sat down with Ida Kugelberg at Helio GT30 and munched on some goodies from The Bakery to talk about these collaborations.  Ida is Head of Community at Helio GT30 and lives with her husband and two children at Storholmen, and is probably the only one at Helio that takes her own boat (or walks across the ice) to get to work every day. Many would argue that Helio would not be the same without Ida in the house. We could not agree more!

Ida Kugelberg! What did you want to become when you were young?

Photographer or nurse!

What is the most common sentence you say every day at work?

We have four types of memberships, Flex, Fix, Studio and Drop-In!

What has been your absolute weirdest/most odd job so far?

I have photographed the King and Queen! I have also been a director. I have casted a motorcycle gang to a TV-series. I went down to a desolated harbour – all my myself – to visit their Clubhouse. It was a long process to finally get to meet the leader, “The Animal” as he was called. It felt a bit like playing a part in an episode of Narcos or Sons of Anarchy – but I got my motorcycle gang!

Before you started working at Helio, you worked with voices – tell us more!

I worked as a voice-over agent casting voices for 10 years, which means that I was constantly searching for voices for radio and tv advertising.

Can you name drop a few voices you have casted and fun projects you have worked on?

Oh, so many to choose from! But for example. Michael Persbrandt, Ewa Röse and Reuben Sallmander in projects such as Gillette, L’oreal, Pampers and every single darn car brand on the market!

Helio’s ambition is to make all of their members to love Monday mornings. So tell me, what do you do on an ordinary Monday morning at Helio?

I jump on my little metal boat and head to the mainland. Once I reach GT30 I make sure to write up today’s member activities at the front desk. On Mondays it’s yoga! After that, I hug all my colleagues, make a huge cup of tea and get started with the work tasks for the day! The absolute best part of Mondays is that no Mondays are alike.

You work very closely with our members, and perhaps you are the one that knows them the best, what would you say is the best thing about your job?

The best thing is all these little micro-meetings that take place, when you can make connections between people. I get such a huge amount of energy by all members! The best thing I know is to see when members get to know each other, both on a personal and professional level, it is a powerful thing!

The process of colliding members and industries with each other is a little bit of your superpower Ida. Can you tell us about one of the most best collaborations you’ve fueled?

I can tell you about the absolute fastest collaboration! Our Member Mårten Björk had only spent 2 hours here before I hooked him up with another company and they had a meeting on the fly. Another fun collaboration was when Ola Ringdahl, (who also is an awesome speaker!), asked if I knew a skilled audio guy to a project. Then I connected him with our own Elliot! There are a plethora of collaborations to choose from, ranging from legal assistance to the fun creative collaborations between members! It’s such a wonderful mix of companies in the house so everyone can help each other and together we have a strong community.

What’s the best thing about GT30?

Our colleagues and members! Without our members, we are nothing. Together we are everything! It is the combination of Helio as a concept and the members that makes the business so exciting.

Every Wednesday you host Member breakfasts at Helio, what can you expect as a breakfast visitor at these events?

Oh! I would say- expect to be amazed! Each time, it is one of the companies that host a talk and tell the rest of us about their story, their journey and their company. It is interesting to listen to someone who is passionate about something, whatever it is. This in combination with the members who listen and add in their stories, makes it so damn exciting. What occurs during these breakfast sessions is really the whole essence of what we are doing here at Helio.

If you had to open a new Helio facility anywhere in the world, where would it be, out on your very own island?

Yes! In the Castle at Storholmen!

And finally, Ida, who has the best voice of the members and staff of the GT30?

Robbie at Opticom! He has a wonderful Australian voice. In the team, it is clearly Molly Bergman that has an ability to talk very fast but at the same time, clear and sound very calm. In fact, I already sent away a whole bunch of members to do voice samples!

Thank you Ida!

If you are eager to know more about Ida she asked us to tell you guys that you are more than welcome to join any of the Member’s Breakfasts held at Helio GT30 every Wednesday! If you want to hang out with her every day, check out our memberships here!

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