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Since we can’t do our lunch workouts at Helio as usual, our personal trainer Jonathan, in Hornstull, will host streamed lunch workouts on Instagram every Thursday. These workouts are WFH adapted and you won’t need any equipment other than some floor space.

We’re live at 12:00(PM) on our account – @wearehelio. Add a little reminder in your calendar so you won’t forget! Below is a brief interview we had with Jonathan.

Q: Hi Jonathan. Who are you? For those who haven’t met you yet.

A: I’m a 29-year-old guy from Jönköping and I’ve worked in fitness since I was 17. I’ve worked as a personal trainer and dietician at Grand Hotel [Stockholm] and traveled the world full time with clients, one at the time.

Right now, I’m an Operational Manager at Axelssons PT Education, I’m a trainer at Barrys Bootcamp and I manage my own app – By Jonny – [a fitness app] focused on weight loss.

Q: Tell us more about your philosophy around health and fitness?

A: I focus on science, sustainability and moderation. We all know what it’s like going from 0 to 100 overnight, and that type of change only results in stress, a bad conscience and the feeling of failure.

I have always focused on finding out what there’s proof of and working, with that in mind, in the right direction for a long-term result!

Q: We usually see you at the Hornstull office, but what do you actually do? 

A: Most of the time, I work with the PT-school, which is the most fun job I’ve ever had. I also try to engage my dog Dobby (in the picture!) as much as possible. I meet with friends and I’m also a real tv-show nerd (I may have a few too many subscriptions)!

Q: What will you do for Helio on Thursdays? 

A: My idea is to jump start the weekend as early as Thursday. So every Thursday, you’ll be able to do a full body workout in only 30 minutes to my best beats. The workout is equipment free and anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level and previous workout experience. A real sweet lunchbreak, really!

Q: Do you think the Coronavirus will change the way we workout in the future? 

A: I think the Coronavirus has opened up people’s eyes for online training. I think that’s a great way to stay active when you don’t want to or can’t workout at the gym. It’s become another convenient way to exercise, which is an all-round positive thing.

Thanks Jonathan, see you on Thursday! 

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