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Together, Abundo and Helio present an inspirational lecture with the health educator Lina Eklind.

Lina Ekling is a health educator with a passion for closing the gap between extreme health and extreme unhealth. She has over 15 years of experience in leadership and entrepreneurship in health and training.

Lina Eklind is an inspirational lecturer, entrepreneur, health educator, coach and leader. Her foremost motivation is to close the gap between the extreme health and the extreme unhealth in Sweden. She has spent the last 9 years owning and running an exercise center aimed at health-coaching, changing behavior and helping people achieve their health goals. Lina has spent these years coaching members both in groups and individually and is driven to help people get better and achieve a change. Lina is a trained public health educator, NLP-coach as well as a training instructor.

When Lisa holds lectures about extreme health, she refers to people who run ultra-marathons and make home-made kombucha, while the extreme unhealth is the inactive, fast food-eating couch-potato.

She feels that the gap between the two extremes needs to be closed so that more people from the inactive and unhealthy side can find a way to promote and improve their health, while the people from the extremely healthy side don’t have to make everything so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that difficult to get started and keep up a healthy lifestyle, taking small steps is usually enough.

When Lina Eklind holds a lecture, it’s usually with the aim to get as many as possible to come along, as well as create participation and commitment among the participants. She wants to be an inspiration for healthy habits, mental wellbeing and lots of joy. With the help of her lectures, she wants to poke a hole in some health-myths as well as awaken thoughts around what the listener can do in order to live a good life based on his or her prerequisites and conceptions around health.

This lecture is produced by Abundo in collaboration with Helio, exclusively for Abundo members, but as a Helio member you have the opportunity to take a part of this evening by RSVP-ing to  

The lecture is held in the “Bond” auditorium, a salon with comfortable cinema chairs. You are welcome to enjoy a meal in the restaurant Penny & Bill both before and after the lecture.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Arrive early or stay after to enjoy a bite to eat or drink in the restaurant Penny & Bill.

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