Those who understand the warp effect are the future leaders. It’s the most valuable piece of information in the world. During this lunch, Mathias Sundin will tell us why technological development isn’t just moving fast but accelerating, and how this will affect human innovation and improve the world. The future leaders aren’t only centered in governments, but also in global communities with thousands or millions of people who work together to achieve a mutual goal.

As a member of parliament and a financial- and political spokesperson, Mathias Sundin belongs to the circle of power and establishment, but his work with start-ups, self-driving vehicles and exponential technicians, drones and block chains made him realize that he had the biggest chance to make a difference outside the realms of politics. It is by using the warp effect that you have the biggest opportunity to change the world.

Mathias Sundin is one of the founders and working chairmen at Warp Institute, ex-member of parliament, TEDx-speaker and international lecturer and is now leading the crowdfunding of the world’s first private space mission to an asteroid. He became the first political candidate in the world to only use bitcoin to finance a campaign in 2014. He has been a mentor at XPRIZE Visioneers and is a member of World Frontier’s Forum at Harvard and MIT.

Warp Institute is a Swedish foundation with the goal of making the future get here quicker. To achieve this, they’re building a global community of optimists.

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