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Learn@Lunch is a lecture series created to stimulate and inspire your mind while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we’ll kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

Reach your potential in a sustainable way with positive psychology. 

Positive psychology has been called the science of things that make life worth living. It’s also the study of how communities, businesses and individuals can reach their full potential. The lecturer on this Learn@Lunch is Evelina Fredriksson and she studied at the University of Pennsylvania, works as assistant teacher to the founder of this field; Martin Seligman, and is in the process of creating The Swedish Institute of Positive Psychology in Stockholm.

Evelina has conducted a study about narcissism and gratitude. Gratitude can be the key to wellbeing and better cooperation. Perhaps gratitude can even lead to a more sustainable society and work life. Narcissism, in other words; egocentrism and grandiosity can quickly lead to a negative culture where people end up suffering. Evelina will explain how it all goes together and present the latest research in the field. At Learn@Lunch you have the opportunity to anonymously answer a short survey to see how you place on a so called narcissist scale.

The Swedish Institute of Positive Psychology

The Swedish Institute of Positive Psychology opens in September and will conduct education and research in positive psychology, in other words; the science of strengths, abilities and emotions that make societies, organizations and individuals reach their full potential for wellbeing and prestation.

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