Listen to Lisen Andréasson Florman, the founder of the nonprofit safety organization Nattskiftet during Learn@Lunch, where we’re, as always, serving a delicious lunch for your inspiration – RSVP to to get a spot secured by 13th of September latest!

Lisen has a lot of experience around safety- and security work in festivals all around the country. She started Nattskiftet together with Jakob Grandin because they felt that there was a big demand for increased safety around night clubs and festivals. This is how the idea of Nattskiftet and their volunteers, Nattkompisarna were born. The main responsibilities of Nattkompisarna are to create a public opinion as well as work for people’s right to safety – by showing moral courage in everyday life.

Nattskiftet was started in 2014 and is a nonprofit safety organization that works in practice as well as strategically with safety matters, a society free from discrimination, violence, sexual harassment and abuse.

After the #metoo-movement’s power was allowed to take space, it became even clearer to organizations that these matters need more attention. An increased awareness of norms is needed to counteract the masculinity norms and moral courage must become a normal part of life. We, at Nattskiftet believe that and an intersectional perspective is needed to clear the way for a safer society.

Nattskiftet works in practice as well as strategically so that everyone can feel safe at night. The practical work includes volunteers called Nattkompisar, that do night walks adjacent to different events. The strategical work aims for a long-term change in attitude in businesses and organizations through workshops, lectures and public opinion.

Nattskiftet believe in working together and proactively for a long-term change in attitude and to give people knowledge that can contribute to an increased moral courage.

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